Soil/Waste classification and disposal

Soil Classification and Disposal

In accordance with EPA guidelines, a waste classification assessment is required for soils that have been proposed to be disposed offsite. 

Contaminated soils that are deemed unsuitable to remain onsite or excavated as part of the site development (i.e. soil excavation for a basement).  Depending on the type and concentration of the contaminant(s), the soils are categorised in the Soil (Waste) Classification assessment and will be transferred to and disposed of at a suitably licenced facility. 

Soil sampling would generally be undertaken in-situ or from the soil stockpiles using intrusive soil sampling method such as hand-auger and excavator.   The Assessment generally take 1 to 2 weeks to complete depending on the volume of soils.

Our environmental consultant would provide information on specific transport requirements and site arrangement as part of regulatory compliance for the disposal of contaminated soils.